Use Caution While Cycling

While biking is by no means a contact sport, it is none the less dangerous.  Whether biking in a race, surrounded by numerous other cyclists, or riding to school, you always must remain aware of your surroundings.  There are obstacles all over the place, often times when you least expect it.

This Chilean track cyclist, Irene Aravena, was riding in formation with her teammate.  She was on her teammates tail, causing her to be unable to see the obstruction up ahead.  This crash resulted in Aravena suffering a fracture to the kneecap and leg.

For more information on Irene Aravena’s crash click here.

Injuries like these are hard to avoid when traveling at such high speeds.  I recommend staying alert and always trying to look for what lies ahead.  If you ride on a team or with other people then do not rely on others to spot divots in the road, car doors, and other obstructions.

Use caution and ride safely!

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